When things aren't quite right with Hor$ense for Windows...

Issue: I get an "error 75" when I try to run Hor$ense Pro for the first time!
UPDATE: I have recently discovered that this error happens when the initial Help screens are not viewed all the way through! It is vitally important to go through each Help screen for the initial use of Hor$ense Pro, using the Close button on each screen until you get to the Hor$etup screen. You will need to completely uninstall Hor$ense Pro (including manually removing the H$V7 folder from your C drive if it is still there after removing the program), and then reinstalling Hor$ense Pro (making sure to view each Help screen).

Problem: Some people are having installation and/or startup problems. The main culprit appears to be some confusion regarding the new program’s name and location. Keep in mind that Hor$ense Pro is a separate program from the old Hor$ense (Standard), in the following ways: [1] the new program is called H$V7.exe (old one was H$V6.exe), and [2] the folder it is found in is called H$V7 (old one was H$V6)

Solution: Follow these steps and the problem should go away:
1. Let the new version install into the H$V7 folder, and DO NOT install it into the H$V6 folder... it causes all kinds of problems for you.
2. If you have an older icon on your Desktop (or in a folder) that you used to start the old version, you’ll need to remove it and set up a new one for Hor$ense Pro (see below).
3. The best thing to do is to uninstall the old Hor$ense AND all references to it, including the H$V6 folder. Then you can install Hor$ense Pro.

Issue: I need more help, because I still get an "error 75" when I try to run Hor$ense Pro for the first time!
Problem: The steps above may not be clear enough. 
Solution: Please take a look at these instructions on starting up Hor$ense Pro, to see if they fix the problem:
1. Click on the Windows “Start” button
2. Click on the “Programs” menu item
3. Find the “Hor$ense for Windows – Professional” menu item and click on it
4. Click on the “Hor$ense for Windows – Professional” option (the only one)

At this point, Hor$ense should start normally. If it does not -- since I can not reproduce the error on any of my five computers -- I ask you to please uninstall and reinstall, making sure to delete the H$V7 folder if it still exists.

Issue: It didn't solve the problem, as I still get an "error 75" when I try to run Hor$ense Pro for the first time!
Problem: Hor$ense Pro still might not have installed correctly. 
Solution: There is one way to see if Hor$ense was correctly installed:
1. Open your "My Computer" (found either on your Desktop or from the Start menu)
2. Open up your C: drive
3. Find the H$V7 folder and open it up
4. Find the H$V7 file (a horse's head) and double-click on it

If you're still having trouble, send an email to and we'll work it out together.

If that worked, then it installed correctly, and you can set up a new Desktop icon:
1. Right-click on the horse's head that you used to start Hor$ense (in step 4 above)
2. When the menu pops up, select the "Send To" item
3. When another menu appears, choose the "Desktop (creates shortcut)" choice

All of the issues below relate to Version 6... and NOT Hor$ense Pro!

Issue: Sometimes, the Hor$ense saddle cloth numbers don't match the track's numbers!
Problem: Hor$ense assumed that the data file providers would NEVER allow their files to mix early scratches with late scratches that include sadle cloth numbers. Since they did, the problem exists. 
Solution: Double-check your selections by name... which is always good to do anyway.

Affects registration numbers 6-0001 through 6-0185. The correction has been made to the software. Due to the nature of the issue -- it's not a critical fault, but certainly a BIG annoyance -- I will replace the CD for my cost... which is $10.

Issue: I can't extract my data files!
Problem: Hor$ense calls the PKUNZIP program to extract the data from BRIS and TSN files. Unfortunately, PKUNZIP doesn't know what to do when it has a folder name with spaces in it, and the setup program uses a folder structure of "C:\Hor$ense for Windows (Standard)" during installation. This makes the PKUNZIP program fail. 
Solutions: The cleanest solution is to reinstall Hor$ense for Windows, and when it displays the "C:\Hor$ense for Windows (Standard)" location, you need to click on the "Change Directory" button and type in C:\H$V6 and then continue with the installation. The other solution is a bit more complicated. First, create a folder that has no spaces in it -- I recommend creating C:\DataFile (OR you can use a folder that you've already created) -- and then start up Hor$ense. Go right in to the Setup option (CTRL+S), and select the folder that you created for the files... that's done in the "File Location:" section of the setup window. Select OK when you're done and all should be well.

Affects registration numbers 6-0001 through 6-0039.

Issue: I can't extract or load my TSN files!
Problem: I didn't verify the check, so Hor$ense thinks that TSN files should have a .drf file extension... oops, sorry! 
Solution: Go in to the directory where you saved the TSN files and run PKUNZIP or WINZIP on the file and then rename the file. To rename it, open up the folder where the file is located, RIGHT-click on the file and then select the Rename menu item. The file name will be highlighted, and you need to move to the right end of the file name and replace the .eg portion with the .drf designation.

Affects registration numbers 6-0001 through 6-0039, and requires a new CD to correct the problem in the program... contact me at to request your replacement CD.

Issue: I entered SAX for the races at Santa Anita and nothing happens!
Problem: Hor$ense doesn't know of a track called SAX... only a track called SA. The DOS version used a scheme that originally required the X in the third position when the track abbreviation was only two characters long. 
Solution: Don't enter the trailing X for tracks whose abbreviation is only two characters long. Unless there are loud protestations over this change in the program, there will be no fix for it, as this really is the way it should work.

Affects all registration numbers and will probably always be the case.

Issue: Every so often, I get a pop-up message that tells me that temporary changes have been made to the setup, but I didn't change anything.
Problem: Hor$ense incorrectly reset the Hor$marts value to ALL On, as a result of a speed-related question during the final analysis of a previously analyzed race. 
Solution: If you haven't made any temporary changes to the setup, then simply answer Yes to the "Do you want to reset to the ORIGINAL setup?" question. If you did make some other temporary changes, then answer No to the question, and then go to the Option window (CTRL+O) and reselect your temporary changes.

Affects registration numbers 6-0001 through 6-0041. The correction has been made to the software. Due to the nature of the issue -- it's not a critical fault, but certainly an annoyance -- I will replace the CD for my cost... which is $10.

Issue: Sometimes, when I use the F5 key to extract the "next race", the wrong racing surface is used.
Problem: Hor$ense incorrectly uses the racing surface from the previous race.
Solution: Avoid using the F5 key to select the "next race". Don't use this shortcut... contact me to get on a list of people to be notified when I have fixed this problem.

Affects registration numbers 6-0001 through 6-0114. The correction will be made to the software. Due to the nature of the issue -- it's not a critical fault, but certainly an annoyance -- I will replace the CD for my cost... which is $10.

Issue: How come Hor$ense "blows up" when using TrackMaster "B" files?
Problem: Hor$ense uses the base file structure from BRIS (the originator of the comma-delimited format), which doesn't allow commas to be used within the text of any field. Since TrackMaster allows commas to appear in the race description field, it is causing Hor$ense to display errors. 
Solution: I fixed their problem... not that they would have bothered! 
Affects registration numbers 6-0001 through 6-0114.