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Here are those questions I get most often...

Q: I'm having trouble with Hor$ense! Where do I go for help?
A: Click on this link to go directly to a list of issues and solutions.

Q: Why do you NOT recommend TrackMaster data files?
A: It is a data integrity issue. You see, when a data file provider agrees to a format, they need to honor the integrity (i.e., quality) of that format. I have added many checks into Hor$ense that wouldn't be necessary if the TrackMaster data files met the requirements of the format. Some of the errors that their data caused was causing Hor$ense to crash... and even though I couldn't predict the error happening, it still makes it look like it's the software's fault. For that reason, I recommend the various BRIS and TSN formats that Hor$ense uses, instead of the TrackMaster format.

Q: Why don't you ever answer your phone?
A: The easy answer is on the Hours page. Let me start by saying that the ringer on my phone is turned off (I have gotten calls at in the dark hours of the morning (3 time zones ahead) from people looking for an answer as they're handicapping the races for that day). The longer answer is that I have a "normal" 40-hour per week job, so I'm not home during the day. And because of the high volume of "robo-calls" from telemarketers, I almost never pick up the phone. But I DO call back, so please stop hanging up and leave me a message with a return phone number!!!

Q: If Hor$ense is supposed to be so good, why aren't you handicapping for a living?
A: I've heard this one many times. It's mainly because I have no reason to try to make a living at it. Heck, even Andy Beyer has a regular job. I've gotten quite comfortable collecting a regular paycheck... and the pay is pretty good in the software industry!!! Besides, the percentage of people that use Hor$ense compared to the number of people that go the races is so small that it's akin to a grain of sand on the beach. I ask you... wouldn't you rather be in the small percentage of winners using Hor$ense than losing like the rest of the sheep? I'm now getting into handicapping tournaments... so maybe a BIG SCORE will change my mind.

Q: Why did the old (Version 5) Hor$ense manual show me how to mark up the Daily Racing Form when it's already in there?
A: This is an old question, but one that is dear to my heart. I first put the "form marking" procedure into Hor$ense in mid-1990. The Daily Racing Form layoff line feature didn't appear until 1992. So, it's a simple case of me coming up with the concept -- which, by the way, is much more refined than the DRF version -- before they did. Please note that manual "form marking" is not required in the Windows version.