Meet Joe

Meet Joe Mainardi

Owner of Unique Solutions Software (USS), which is the business from which Hor$ense is developed and distributed.
Started in Del Mar (1989), moved to Michigan (1993), relocated to Tucson (1999)... and returned to Southern California (2003).
Author of Hor$ense, copyrighted and trademarked software that handicaps thoroughbred horse races.
Hor$ense for Windows (Professional version) was released in 2005 and earned an 8 1/2 rating from the Phillips Racing Newsletter.
Hor$ense for Windows (Standard version) was released in 2001 and earned an 8 1/2 rating from the Phillips Racing Newsletter.
Hor$ense (DOS version) was released in 1989 and earned an 8 1/2 rating from the Phillips Racing Newsletter.
Developed the layoff line concept in the early 1990s -- nearly identical to the Daily Racing Form feature -- almost 18 months before it was seen in the pages of the Daily Racing Form.

Writing credits:
Writer of articles for the Phillips Racing Newsletter (1997 to 2009; working on new articles).
"Computer Handicapping" and "Horses to Watch" columnist for The Inside Track, a Del Mar based newsletter (1991 to 1993).
Writer of feature articles for American Turf Monthly and Sports Betting Guide magazines (late 1980s through early 1990s).

Seminar presenter: Conducted track-sponsored seminars at Del Mar (2001 to 2003).
Conducted public seminars at Detroit Race Course and "The Tout" handicapping shop (1995 to 1999).
Conducted semi-private seminars in Del Mar, during the racing meets (1990, 1992 and 2000).
Handicapper of thoroughbred races since 1969, and a legal wagerer since 1975.
Started with on-track wagering, with occasional trips to Las Vegas to bet "out-of-town" races
Currently wager almost exclusively from the comfort of home (thanks to HRTV, TVG and that thing called the Internet)
Still like to make it to Del Mar and Santa Anita whenever possible (Hollywood Park... not so much)
Always try to find an open local track whenever travelling (business or personal)

Tournament handicapper:
Participant in at least six Las Vegas three-day tournaments, with "close-but-no cigar" results (finishing tantanizingly close to the cash-line... mostly paying for expenses with non-tournament cash wagers)

Placed third in the 1997 Breeders' Cup handicapping contest, sponsored by "The Tout" handicapping shop, located on the grounds of the (now closed) Detroit Race Course.

General background: Holder of both Master's and Bachelor's degrees in Computer Science.
Software professional since 1983.
Presenter of multiple technical papers not related to horse racing.
Still a husband and father… together in spite of my obsessive love for the game.

Best of Luck,


scary (passport) photo for identification purposes only... just in case you see me wandering around a SoCal track or Vegas race book