You must be tired of me talking about Hor$ense, so here is what others have to say...

From a Hor$ense Pro beta tester, L. Lyle:
Talking about the facet analysis: "I liked them all and used them all, but the pace and speed were most useful since Thistledown is a relatively cheap track and "cheap speed" holds up. The FUMO headings were useful, and then by changing to the beaten lengths screen gave me a good pictrue of the pace. I caught some nice-priced horse with this angle."

About the "single horse" analysis feature... "I liked the DIG DEEP feature, since it summarized each horses strengths and weaknesses."

Finally, his general observations... "This program has a lot of possibilities for someone who is serious enough to utilize all of its features. I feel I still have a lot to learn although I am doing well with the limited features I am using."
L. Lyle

There were times I would go to the track and not cash a ticket. Since Hor$ense I have always cashed a ticket.

The last race at Churchill (on Kentucky Derby Day)... I bet the Hor$ense Exacta cold, I bet the Trifecta with the Hor$ense top two picks cold Exacta with the next three horses for third, I bet the Superfecta with the Hor$ense Exacta top two picks cold Exacta and the next two picks for third and these two again and the next pick for fourth... I left before the race was run.
The next day I check the results... Exacta paid $125.80, Trifecta paid $787.50, Superfecta paid $11,154,90... Hor$ense hit this race straight as an arrow... thanks to Hor$ense, I came home with thousands (of dollars)... Thanks for your sweat and tears creating Hor$ense.
M. Maschek

You don't know how rare you are. No other program seller would take the time and trouble to respond as you have. More importantly, you speak truthfully and never evade awkward questions.
New Mexico

From another Hor$ense Pro beta tester...
Regarding the new MS Word file output option... "I have MS Word and formatting was excellent and readability good... for those of us used to reading a DRF... it's a nice summary."
Using the Interactive (handicapping) Mode... "I like the whole concept of interacting with the program as it steps through PPs and makes you think about situations that might have had an adverse affect on a horse's ability to be rated (in a numerical [sense], not positional!) sense. I think there are good answers for most trouble call situations."
His general observations... "[Hor$ense Pro] allows the handicapper to quickly identify races that play to his - and the computer's - strength. By selecting to concentrate on those races that have a high degree of reliability and data integrity - that is, comparing apples to apples - the handicapper is much better able to decide which races to pass or play; which might merit merely an action bet, and which ones to crush. I found it very useful in choosing which races to single and which to spread in Pick 3 and Pick 4 wagering!"
N. Stilwell

First off, let me tell you, I have used a lot of (horse racing) programs over the years... and I will tell you that Hor$ense is very sleekly written, install was a breeze, and it runs very resource friendly via the DOS mode. The part I most appreciate is the absolute effortless way it unzips and incorporates the data downloaded. It is flawless, and to be honest with you, that was one of the reasons I stopped using my (other) product was that I did not want to key manually anymore and the data import utility was an ultimate headache. Your program is definitely heads and tails above the rest on that feature alone.
Hor$ense has performed very well and consistently at the major tracks... it has in fact hit some very nice ones at BEL, HOL, and just in fact had an 5/1 winner at SAR yesterday... So, my findings thus far, are that Hor$ense recommended handicappable races perform well at where the form holds up, which is how it should be...
Well, Joe, just wanted to give you a little feedback. Again, you have been and are a true gentlemen, and kudos to an extremely well written, user friendly, and quality product.
K. Ferrante
New York

Joe I have spent many hours learning this program, and the more I do the more I realize the value of this program and the work you have done.... it seem(s) to do a very good job. I am sure it will get better as I learn to use it more effectively.
... I can see and appreciate the processes and mentality you must have in your own handicapping and to put this together. Your cover sheet says it is The Price-Performance Leader in Handicapping (Software) and I believe it is so.
A. Ackerson

One last Hor$ense Pro beta tester...

Talking about how the Pro version compares to the original Hor$ense... "The final beta version was much improved over... the Hor$ense programs I have used over the past several years. The screens were much clearer and easier to maneuver thru the entire handicapping process."
And his general observations... "I normally would get the scratches, and jockey changes, then run the program, I watch the races on Brisbet on my laptop, and then handicap the races on my desktop machine. In this manner I can basically do two things at once. This did not give me much of an opportunity to experiment with [the new Hor$trategy & Hor$ession features], but in the future I fully intend to look into these different ideas and look for races, tracks, that produce good win possibilities."
D. Beatty

The software advised to pass on 7 of the 8 races, but on the one race it advised to handicap, it nailed a $73 exacta!!! ... that was pretty impressive to me!
Congratulations on putting together a very good program for a very reasonable cost!
D. Jacks

Please rush (the) Hor$ense... update. It is a fantastic program.
I have used Neurax, All-Ways and Multicaps software racing programs. They're okay but they don't compare to Hor$ense.
M. Maschek

I really enjoy your program. It's amazing how you developed and programmed it... Consider me a loyal customer.
E. Jones

Your software was the first one I ever purchased way back when... Since I always thought highly of your program, I am enclosing (payment) for the latest version.
T. C.

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