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Hooking Up...

I have been asked to recommend the best way to allow my users to learn more about Hor$ense Pro without always having to send me emails. Since I can't really devote the time to maintaining a full-time bulletin board, I highly recommend that you connect to Pace Advantage, specifically their FORUM section. When you get there, search for the term "Hor$ense" and jump right in... and if you don't find anything interesting, create your own discussion.

I'd love to start it off, but as a software developer, I can't do it (I have tried before, but it's a no-no). But I can contribute, and I will do what I can to jump in (whenever I remember to go out to the web site). If you need to ask me a question directly, just send me an email at and I'll make sure that I get back to you right away.

Best of Luck,